Where Do I Come From

Joshua Ledet is an American singer and songwriter from Westlake, Louisiana. His style is dynamic, eclectic, and rooted in a “soaring, church-bred brand of old-school soul music."

Joshua grew up in a big musical family, the youngest of 8 children born to Nathaniel and Jacklyn Ledet. He attended church every week with his family and joined his mother in the choir when he was 5 years old. Joshua fell in love with singing instantly, singing at home, in school and at church until his voice was hoarse. With the musical influence of his mother and the encouragement of his father, Joshua sang his first solo at the age of 12, shocking the congregation with the clarity and power of his voice.

Joshua became a local treasure and was invited to perform at churches all over Louisana. He didn’t realize the path he was on, but by the time he was sixteen, Joshua knew he had to be a professional singer. He focused on making his dreams come true by making a conscious effort to believe in himself, reminding himself every day of his goals and his ability to achieve them through practice. His first goal was to audition for American Idol, which he did for the first time at age sixteen. He won 3rd place the very next season, garnering more standing ovations from the judges than any contestant in American Idol history.

Following American Idol, Joshua began performing across the country. He was personally invited by Michelle Obama to perform alongside artists like Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah at the White House “Memphis Soul” event, one of Joshua’s proudest moments in his singing career.

In 2015, Joshua recorded a new single, “Love Can Do,” which was written and produced in collaboration with the Los Angeles studio of Idean, a Finland-based user experience agency. He’s currently working on his first album, which will feature original songs written and performed by Ledet.